Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature Friday: Great Britain Burlap Bags

Happy Friday all!

It's a regular scorcher here in Astoria today, 82 degrees.  I guess summer hasn't quite given up yet!  I've got an awesome feature today courtesy of Heart Vintage Design.

She's taken burlap bags and stenciled our circular Great Britain stencil on them.  It looks amazing with two colors!  I just love how long these bags are too.  I ordered burlap bags for our craft show and we got two sizes.  Little micro bags for the kids which fit oh, a pack of gum and that's it.  We also got a medium size as well, which was something like 8x10, but that's more of a decorative size.  You can't put all that much in there. 

But these bags are 14x26.  That's perfect for a lot of stuff, including all the umbrellas, crumpets, tea, burberry scarves you need to start your own British Invasion.

If you take your eagle eye and scrutinize this photo, you we see a few more of our stencil designs!  She does great work!  :)

Heart Vintage Design has a great blog you can check out here.   She also has a facebook page you can like here.  She also sells at Adjectives Market, which looks awesome and I would like to visit post haste. 

If you're interested in the stencil used, do check out our UK category, it is chock full of British goodness. 

That's all for this week, pop in on Wednesday for our weekly Etspiration!

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