Friday, November 9, 2012

Feature Friday: Tout Va Bien Pillow

Happy Friday!

It hailed here today.  I've got a roaring fire in the fireplace and Graham and I are watching Barefoot Contessa.  (Nice break from cartoons!)  In other words, it's all good here in Oregon.  Which reminds me of this feature I've got for you today.

How cute is this little pillow?  Courtesy of Forgetmenotdreams.

It's so sweet and simple and I love that the stenciling is done in brown.   Tout Va Bien actually means roughly, "All's going well." 

You can purchase this pillow from Forgetmenotdreams' Etsy store.  She's got great stuff, I LOVE her tags.  I just have to show you these cat hang tags.  They have nothing to do with us, they just crack me up.

I have two cats schooled in this philosophy!  :)

If you want to check out the Tout Va Bien, please browse our fabulous French category

Have a lovely weekend!  See you next week!


  1. Just did a post about receiving my three new stencils - love them!!

  2. Just discovered your website through "The Magic Brush". I can't wait to purchase some of your stencils.


  3. Love this post, the pillow as well as the cats!

  4. Lisa, we just crawled out of our "sick" holes to find your wonderful post about our pillow using your Tout va bien stencil. I love your stencils! They are so easy to use, sturdy with great designs. Keep up the good work! The new stencils that you have posted are the best!! I'm excited to receive my order placed last night.