Thursday, June 6, 2013

Feature Friday: Steptoe and Daughter Mirrors

I am early this week!  Don't ask me how, but I am sitting here and writing a blog post for you all.  I've been meaning to show you folks this feature for a while by the wonderful folks at Steptoe and Daughter.  Bonus, this one's from the land down under!

Stenciling on mirrors!

How great does that look?  The black pops so well against mirror background. 

And it's as simple as it seems, spray paint on a mirror tile.  Even I could pull this one off.

She mixed and match elements from two stencils, Bird with Crown (this looks like our 6x6 size) and Family and Friends 12x18.

She also did another great project with a few more steps.  Check it out.

So what she did here is take a pane of glass and spray paint it with vinegar and water. 

She then painted the entire pane with aluminum colored paint. 

FYI, paint will not adhere to vinegar. 

She then wiped the surface to remove the vinegar for aging. 

She also dabbed with turpentine (this is definitely a garage or outside project) for more aging. 

Finally, she painted our stencil with flat black spray paint.

Too cool!

Check out Steptoe and Daughter on Facebook for more amazing work.  You'll spy our stencils in other projects as well.


  1. How do you clean the stencils after you're through painting?

  2. Never woukd I have thought to stencil a mirror. I love the effect!

  3. Hi Jodie, sorry for the late reply to your comment. You can clean stencils (best when still wet) with warm water and soap.

    If dry, you can just leave the paint on (that's what we do) or let them soak in a basin of water for a spell.