Friday, April 27, 2012

Feature Friday: The Backporch Shoppe Signs

When Laura first started designing stencils, signs for home decor were her bread and butter.  To a large extent, they still are, but crafty folks have realized you can stencil on anything from burlap to plaster to ceramic.  We thought this week we'd highlight a wonderful customer who makes stunning signs with Laura's stencils.  They can really transform a space from dull to dramatic.  Take a look at the handiwork of Darline from The Backporch Shoppe.

They are so good, I couldn't pick just one.  (Isn't that a potato chip slogan?)

One of the things we like most about Darline's signs is they have great shapes.  They aren't just rectangles or squares.  The scrollwork shape here on this Paris Flower Market sign really emphasizes the vintage feel of her work.

Doesn't her paint look perfectly chippy and old?  We loved that weathered look she's able to create.  She does a lot of decor for weddings, (in fact, we featured her in last Wednesday's Etspiration) like the sign above, but she has art for other occasions as well.

As she wrote in her email to me, she uses Laura's flourishes extensively in her signs to add that little extra bit of interest.  If you have never looked, there's a whole category at the Maisondestencils store dedicated to Flourishes and Scrolls and the possibilities are endless as to where you can add them.  Signs, pillows, labels, homemade wrapping paper.  You name it!

Isn't this Air Postale sign just the coolest?  I love the postmark, it adds that special authentic feel to the sign. 

Many thanks to Darline for use of her images.  Please check out her Etsy shop here, it has the greatest stuff.  

Have you made a sign using a Maisondestencils stencil you'd like us to feature?  Drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

Take care, have a wonderful weekend.  I see blue sky here on the coast so I think I'll unplug from the computer for a little bit!


  1. Hey Lisa! Love your blog and as you know, I'm already a huge fan of your stencils. Just got my new one yesterday. Looking forward to using it on an interesting piece - I'll send you pix.
    Take care,