Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Etspiration Wednesday: Numbers

Another Wednesday upon us!

We've been adding some new stencil designs to the website, some of which are new number sets.  We get emails everyday from people asking us if we make this and that, and one of our most popular requests are for number sets.  It's literally been on our to do list forever.  So we put up a serif, san serif, and Western style number set, in addition to our very popular Old World Style number sets.  You can check them out in our Alphabet and Number category.  We also want to do a REALLY  big Ornate Western number set to compliment our REALLY big Ornate Western alphabet.  I have to show you the sign Laura made with that alphabet.  She took an entire butcherblock countertop and stenciled on it.  It's awesome.

Numbers are such a versatile addition to any craft.  They instantly lend age, suggest your item was repurposed.  They make items feel authentic.

Etsy is full of amazing numbers.  House numbers, bingo markers, I just couldn't get enough of them.  Take a look at what I found.

1A:  Antique French Wooden Lottery Numbers Image Courtesy CabArtVintage
1B:  Vintage Enamel House Number Image Courtesy ArtisanetVintage
1C:  Serif Number Set Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
1D:  Vintage French Embroidered Number Trim Ribbon Image Courtesy petitbonheur

Okay the Number trim ribbon in 1D sold in the 24 hour time span between researching and writing this post, so clearly I have good taste.  The good news is petitbonheur has more of it in stock.  Check out that shop, it's fab.

2D:  Vintage Hotel Number Tag Image Courtesy kijsa

I think the possibilities for these cash register flags are ENDLESS.  And they're really affordable.  So if I don't go buy them all out, you go buy them and show me what awesome things you can come up with. 

I had to include my letterpress love for these awesome numbers.  PreserveCottage has some really good blocks in their store.  Also, check out MiTipo because all they do are alphabet and number listings.  Great stuff!! 

4A:  Western Number Set Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

I really love this 4 in 4C.  Do you remember that Sesame Street bit that the Pointer Sisters did about numbers?  You know, 12345, 678910, 11-12, doo doodee doo dooo?  Okay maybe it's just me that remembers it.  Anyway, I think this 4 was plucked right out of it.  It is so completely cool.

This Etspiration has been brought to you by the number 4 and the letter L.  Stay tuned, great feature for you on Friday!

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