Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Etspiration Wednesday: Keep Calm

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest or Etsy, you've seen them. Those big bold letters assuring you that you should Keep Calm and Carry On. The original poster, rediscovered in 2000 after languishing in semi-obscurity for decades, was intended to be a morale booster for British citizens during WW2.

Now the image is ubiquitous and applied to any and every niche market possible. Here at Maisondestencils, we love its simplicity and directness. We love how iconic the look is. Have a gander at some of our favorite Keep Calm inspired items from all over Etsy.

1A: Keep Calm and Stay Awhile Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils.com
1B: Keep Calm and Carry On Pillow Image Courtesy IconicPillows
1C: Keep Calm, You're Thirty Tags Image Courtesy Amaretto

How great are those tags in image 1C? Amaretto has a bunch of cool tags for different occasions in her etsy shop.

2A: Keep Calm Wooden Sign Image Courtesy OhDierLiving
2B: Keep Calm and Say I Do Bucket Image Courtesy ASouthernBucket
2C: Keep Calm and Obey Kitty Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils.com

I'm in love with 2A. The aged feel of the wood, the fun, handwritten look of the script. Just perfect!

3A: Keep Calm and Welcome To Our Nest Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils.com
3B: Keep Calm and Put a Bird On It Print Image Courtesy BlueSoulDesigns
3C: Keep Calm Eye Chart Tote Image Courtesy TakeFlightBoutique

I love the television show Portlandia. That's the inspiration for 3B. Oregon is its own special little slice of weird. And I can say that because I live here.

4A: Keep Calm and Dream On Pillow Image Courtesy JoshuaByOak
4B: Keep Calm and Carry On Bracelet Image Courtesy Cuffingtons
4C: Keep Calm and Carry On Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils.com

JoshuaByOak (image 4A) has terrific pillows in her etsy shop. We could have featured her last week for the typography spread in a myriad of different ways!

Thanks to our lovely contributors for allowing use of their images.
See you Friday!


  1. I agree with you that Oregon IS its own slice of weird! And I can say that too since I also live here ;)


  2. Great Blog and just discovered our "KEEP CALM YOU'RE 30" vintage tags on here!!! Fab!