Friday, March 16, 2012

Feature Friday: The Galvanized Garden Bucket

Laura's stencils are a fab way to personalize your home interior, but they're also awesome for dressing up the great outdoors as well!

Our first guest feature showcases My Sweet Savannah's wonderful galvanized planter.

She upcycled a planter from a neighbor by using one of the designs from our feedsack stencils category to create something completely unique for flowers in her garden.

Isn't her landscaping beautiful? I (Lisa) live out on the Oregon Coast and I swear, my backyard looks like Jurassic Park with huge ferns everywhere. There may also be dinosaurs. That's how overgrown it is!

You can check out My Sweet Savannah's original post here.

The stencil used is Lucas Moller German Feedsack 12x12, found here.

Thank you to My Sweet Savannah for use of her images.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi, It's Kitty from HeartVintageDesign and I have a ton of your stencils. I love each and every one! I'm so glad you're doing a blog now : )