Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Etspiration Wednesday: The Beach

Rainy season is ending here out on the Oregon Coast.  That calls for a few changes:  1) yard work, 2) walkies with the baby, and 3) beach going!  I'm partial to 2 and 3 myself!  As a California transplant in Oregon, beaches are different here.  You can drive your car onto them for starters.  You can build bonfires.  Every beach is a dog beach.  Heck, last time we were at the beach we saw a couple with their goat!  Best of all, they are not crowded.  They're sort of sparse, driftwood collecting, clam digging beaches and I love them.  So here's a little slice of beach going for our Etspiration this week.

1A:  Sea Horse Tea Towel Image Courtesy Willywaw
1B:  Lighthouse Wood Wall Art Image Courtesy Seasawsign
1C:  Nautical Summer Art Block Set Image Courtesy Redtilestudio
1D:  Beach Bungalow Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

Seasawsign (1B) cuts all of their wall art with a scrollsaw.  When I first toured around this shop, I thought they were doing it by CNC.  That is a lot of work to do by hand!  But the end result is terrific, I love the beachy, surf washed look everything has.

2A:  Happy Fish Tea Towel Image Courtesy Mycherrytree
2B:  Maryland is For Crabs Sign Image Courtesy Damamima
2C:  French Sea Salt Pig Image Courtesy MyMothersGarden

I love the Crab sign in 2B! Damamima has a nice blog you can check out as well at circadee.com   

3A:  Seaside Cottage Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
3B:  Sea Wooden Sign Image Courtesy FindingSilverPennies
3C:  Beach Shell Soap Image Courtesy SoapRhapsody
3D:  Martha's Vineyard Sign Image Courtesy Justbeachyshop

An aside:  My husband is one of those has to have one of the latest and greatest TV types.  Well a year or so ago we were at Best Buy and they were playing Avatar and the blue people looked real.  Like they were going to pop out of your TV.  Anyway, we found out later it's some sort of film setting deal with new TVs and it's kind of like the way soap operas are filmed.  (Have you ever noticed soap operas just look...different?).  So long story short, we bought that TV and everything on it does look amazingly real and we always say to each other:  "That cooking show looks so real!"  or... "That Tom Brady looks so real!"  or... "Those Muppets look so real!"  In any case, he walked by my computer while I was researching this Etspiration and he saw the soaps in 3C and said, "THOSE SOAPS LOOK SO REAL!" 
4A:  Vintage Blue Stripe Bell Shade Image Courtesy LampshadeLady
4B:  Lobster Pillow Red Stripe Image Courtesy HomeLiving
4C:  Beach Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

I know the lampshade in 4A isn't specifically beachy, but I just loved the look and thought it would go great in a beach cottage.  Lampshadelady has tons of amazing lampshades. 

Thanks to our beautiful, fabulous Etsy sellers and we will see you all on Friday! 


  1. Thanks so much for including my Sea sign! I love all things beach and live on the South Shore of Boston.

  2. Hi Lisa and Laura~

    Thank you for including my work in this wonderful beach collection! Hope you're enjoying those Oregon beaches...a beach bonfire sounds wonderful! ~Karrita