Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Etspiration Wednesday: La Poste

I love stamps.  I'm not a proper collector or anything like that, but do go out of my way to buy the 'neat' looking stamps at the post office.  I think my husband is sick of hearing about the Pixar Forever stamps that are coming out in June!  (Seriously though, they are awesome!)  Even more than new issue stamps, I love vintage and foreign postage.  It adds a really cool dimension to any scrapbooking or papercraft project.  Of course, the postal look has been adapted to everything from pottery to fabric.  We've got a swell collection of postal themed items today for our Etspiration. 

1A:  Australia New Zealand Postage Stamp Pillow Image Courtesy Anettascraft
1B:  Postage Stamp Soup Mugs Image Courtesy JustMare
1C:  Paris Postage Stamp Shadow Box Image Courtesy MyAlterEco
1D:  Euro Postmark B Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

So the Shadow Box in image 1C is super amazing.  I actually had planned to feature a different listing in MyAlterEco's store, but I think Etsy ate it because I can't find the listing anymore.  All her stuff is so, so cool.

2A:  Hot Air Balloon Print Image Courtesy KathyPanton
2B:  Blue Postage Stamp Frame Image Courtesy Suzstamps
2C:  French Postcard Bird Pillow Image Courtesy Sherrisboutique
2D:  La Poste France Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

 Kathy Panton's collages (2A) are double, extra amazing.  She does great art for nurseries and such. 

3A:  Mounted Postage Stamp Letter Image Courtesy Stamposaurus
3B:  French Postcard Black Ticking Pillow Image Courtesy JulieannasCreations
3C:  Euro Postmark Bermuda Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
3D:  Vintage Postcard Market Tote Bag Image Courtesy PlumfieldShop 

PlumshieldShop has an amazing selection of postal themed totes.  It was hard to pick just one.  I love how timeless this one (3D) looks though.  The fabric reminds me of Victoria's chair on Revenge.  (Are you watching Revenge?  It's my guilty pleasure.  I'm like 5 episodes behind though, so no spoilers!)  

4A:  French Postage Stamp With Crown Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
4B:  Decorative Accent Postcard Pillow Image Courtesy judibdesigns
4C:  Postage Motif Ceramic Bowl Image Courtesy WhimsyDeluxe
4D:  London Stamp Jubilee Tote Image Courtesy CraftStall

Love this ceramic bowl!  (4C)  I try to feature ceramics quite a bit in our Etspirations even though strictly speaking, they are stenciled on far less than other media.  My hat goes off to potters who can make this kind of stuff.  Everything I ever threw in pottery class was more lopsided than the leaning tower of Pisa.

A big First Class maybe even Priority rate thank you to all our featured Etsy sellers.  We'll see you signed, sealed, delivered on Friday!


  1. What a fun collection! Thanks so much for featuring my tote!

  2. Love this collection of items - I've always loved the look of postcards!