Friday, May 25, 2012

Feature Friday: The Feedsack Stripe Table

I have got the coolest feature for you guys today.  One of our readers, (and giveaway winners!)  Stephanie at Southern Charm Cottage, transformed an oval coffee table into a ridiculously cool feedsack inspired chalk paint work of art.  Here's a nice view of the top of the table so you can see the finished product.

She started out by using Annie Sloan Old Ochre for the base coat.  Then she added Annie Sloan Graphite for the stencil itself, and Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue for the stripes.  She freehanded those stripes!  I know I would have been anal retentive about that with my blue painter's tape,  so props for that!

The antique look comes from the sanding and waxing, which was the next step.  I think this is where chalk paint gets really amazing.  Because the middle picture here looks good, right?  The stencil really pops against that blue stripe, the colors contrast well.  But then...

Instant antiquing!  The legs look just fab with all that wear on them.  I love chalk paint.  We seriously need to do an Etsy round up of great chalk paint works because they are everywhere.

Thanks much to Stephanie for letting us use her photos.  You can check out the blog posts about the table in her sneak peak and finished product posts.   You can also access her blog, Southern Charm Cottage here.  You can take a look at the Chateau de Cheverny stencil here in our Feedsack category

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone.  Are you grilling?  Going to the beach?  Here in Astoria, we get flooded with campers out on the coast for the long weekend and we hide indoors.  A 5 minute trip across town will take over an hour.  Laura told me we should drive to Portland since all the city-dwellers will be gone.  :) 

See you next week!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my table! This look wouldn't have been possible without your amazing stencil!

  2. OMG! I love this table! I have a booth close to Stephanie's and all her "creations" are amazing! I'm jealous of her great "free-hand" Ha!