Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etspiration Wednesday: The Garden

Hey Readers,

I have a confession to make.  One I probably should not be making, but I am shameless and the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.  This is my backyard.

You've fled in terror?  Okay, when you come back, I'll tell you my plan for taming this huge thwack of nature. 

It wasn't always like this.  That huge tangle of blackberry and horsetails and wild roses has actually crept closer and closer to our house as the years have passed.  If we don't do something soon, I'm quite convinced we will become engulfed by Oregon wilderness.

The issues are these: 

  • We're lazy.  Let's not mince words here.  We let it get that bad. 
  • Every plant has thorns.  When I do work back there, I wear gauntlets I could tame a falcon with. 
  • The hill is totally a hill.  This is not some graceful, rolling slope.  It's a rather shear drop and we're worried about erosion if we tore it all out.  (They don't call Astoria "Little San Francisco" for no reason.)  
  • Final and cutest reason:  we have friendlies in those bushes.  Deer pass through there all the time.  Our favorite is a little chipmunk who Graham and I watch every day.  He runs from our cherry blossom tree to the nature tangle.  I named him Ambrose.  

So here's my dream:

I would love to have a terraced garden with flowers and veggies.  It would have stone steps for you to walk up.  And a proper place for a table and chairs since our back porch is the size of a potholder.  I'm thinking that it could happen this summer.  Maybe not the actual vegetables, but definitely all the design.  I've been daydreaming on Etsy for accoutrements for this dream garden.  Want to check them out with me?

1C:  French Jardiniere Image Courtesy Mypetitemaison
1D:  Mason Bee House Image Courtesy Utopiawoodcrafters

It's bee season here in Astoria.  Carpenter bees, scary unidentified wasp things, honey bees, you name it.   I'd love to have a place for good bees to hang out and pollinate my garden instead of my front porch, where they delight in dive bombing me as I come and go.  I also like the design of the Mason Bee House in 1D.  It blends in with the environment really well. 

2A:  Garden Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
2B:  Organic Round Zucchini Squash Seeds Image Courtesy Nimblenitecap
2C:  Numbered Galvanized Pots Image Courtesy LaMorteStyle
2D:  Le Jardin Sign Image Courtesy CountryBlissDesigns

I learned through this garden adventure that you can buy seeds on Etsy.  Who knew?  I cannot find these fantastic round zucchini anywhere out on the coast so I'd love to plant them in my garden.  I'm told they're more of an international grocery store type item.   They're perfect for making individual veggie pizzas.

3A:  Vintage Wooden Fruit Crate Image Courtesy AnUnexpectedJourney
3B:  French Architectural Salvage Image Courtesy MyFrenchAntiqueShop
3C:  Organic Carrot Seeds Image Courtesy WinsomeGreen
3D:  Jardin De Fleurs Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils

How great is that architectural element in 3B?  I love salvage, love it.  There's a killer architectural hardware shop here in Astoria called Vintage Hardware.  It's my no-no store.  I can spends lots of money there.  But of course, a salvage shop is only as old as as its junk, so an Etsy store with European salvage?  More's the better!

4A:  Vegetable and Herb Planter Stakes Image Courtesy GoldhawkPotteryEtc
4B:  Jardin De Fleurs 12x12 Stencil Image Courtesy Maisondestencils
4C:  French Garden Urn Image Courtesy DreaminParis

I love the garden markers in 4A!  There were oodles of them on Etsy, but these were my favorite.  Very simple, easy to read (and isn't that the whole point), and you get a few of them for one price.  Awesome!

Thanks as always to the Etsy shop owners for use of their images.  See you Friday!

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