Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special Thursday Post: Astoria Craft Party

Well we've got some exciting news!

If you frequent Etsy like I do, you may have heard some buzzing about the Etsy Craft Party.  In a nutshell, the craft party is a local event where you get together with crafters in your area and share what you do.

Here's a link from the Etsy blog about it.

The cool bit of this is, Astoria is going to host its own Etsy Craft Party.  And we're going to be there!  We're doing stenciling workshops for kids and adults.

So if you live in Oregon or SW Washington, do come on down and say hello.  The theme of the craft party this year is 'Wish You Were Here' so all our stencils are going to reflect the rich history of Astoria and the Pacific Northwest.

I'm sure I will talk much more about it as July winds down and we get closer to the date, but I thought I'd give a little shout out right now.

The craft party has its own blog, which you can check out here

If you are nowhere near Oregon, check out the Etsy teams in your area.  I bet there's a craft party happening in your area!

Take care, fab feature post tomorrow!

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