Friday, July 20, 2012

Feature Friday: The Lucas Moller Breadboard

Well one canceled plane ride later, I am back from a wonderful vacation in Lake Tahoe.  I can't think of a better way to come home from vacation than with a beautiful feature for our blog.

We've been featured on a marvelous blog called AntiqueChase in the past, and I just had to share with you guys this breadboard transformation. 

Here's the before shot.  Very rustic, very well used.  I love breadboards in general, my kitchen has butcher block countertops and I have a great fondness for the feel of wood in kitchens.  But this breadboard definitely needed a little something.

That "little something" turned out to be a little craft paint and our Lucas Moller stencil.

Here's a process picture so you can see that the entire stencil isn't used.  This breadboard is definitely on the small side.  But the center portion of the stencil is perfect for the size constraints.  Check out this finished product.

It looks SO good!  AntiqueChase took a few shots of the breadboard in different arrangements in her kitchen, they all look terrific.

I am also jealous of how amazing her kitchen looks!

Lucas Moller has been featured on our blog many times.  From the Galvanized Garden Bucket to The Burlap Throw to the Green Mountain BoHo Tea Towels it's the perfect stencil for giving a hint of European Old World style.  You can check it and our other Feedsack stencils out here in the Maisondestencils store.

Here's a link to the original breadboard post on AntiqueChase.  You can also like AntiqueChase on Facebook or follow on Pinterest.

Thanks so much to AntiqueChase for letting us run this feature.  If you've got something created with a Maisondestencils stencil you'd like featured on our blog, email us!

Thanks and have a fab weekend!


  1. I love this board. It looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing the bread board on your blog!! I still love this project and your stencils are fantastic! My very favorite. I will add your blog to "where I am featured" on my sidebar. Marcy